Sunday, 17 October 2021

Negativity Binds None

Life is full of set backs and downfalls, when I started my journey 10 years back to prepare for once of the toughest career in the country depression was inevitable for a Doctor struggle will never end you will always be preparing for a new entrance exam always be studying something new whatever you have mastered it will be outdated tomorrow with something new and now you will be expected to learn and implement it fast.
The Covid situation showed the world how fast medical science changes the continuous research make sure that we upgrade the treatment almost every day, this is what happens to almost all illness, a new regimen will come out almost on a daily basis and ofcourse your patients will always question you and your expertise they will deny anything and will accept nothing 

Once you realise that the world is an ocean of knowledge and all you have to gather it is a bucket of brain with a small hole in it, everything starts looking bleak and pointless, you know you are not the best mind in the world and that you will inevitably make mistakes and those mistakes will cost people there life.
People often forget Doctors are humans too we do have a limit to our knowledge he can also make mistakes we are not superhumans we have limited knowledge limited resources and whatever we do someone will always loose his life because of things we did and things we didn't, you might have lost 1 family member but we loose patients daily and the depression of it hits hard.
As per the research 70% physicians before Covid were struggling with depression and Post Covid 92% Physicians are under the grasp of Depression
It's also difficult to diagnose and treat depression in Physicians as there knowledge of the subject makes them elusive to the topic, they have a habit of keeping a brave face in front of adversities and never discuss their problems with anyone. no one even realises what's happening to them making it the most vulnerable profession with the highest suicide rates.
Same thing happened to me life became pointless and the world became colourless I was unable to wake up in the morning unable to work, unable to go to the hospital caurse working in intensive care unit means sighing atleast 3-4 death certificates daily. Telling people you failed to save there Loved one looking in there eyes and saying I am sorry and realising they don't even believe you, they will never believe you did your best.
I discussed my problem with many people but no one was able to help me medication was not the solution as I can never take the risk of damaging even the slightest part of my brain
And then Ramayana gave me my solution
होई सोई जो राम सच्ची राखा
You can do whatever you want but the results will be what the Lord will want.
Once you realise you have no control on the results just the efforts you out in that's the time you can stand cause now you know what you must do just do your best
Never Be yourself, be the best version of yourself and keep bettering it daily
So here is something I want to share

3 Habits that changed my Life

1 The First thing you do when you wake up is Make your own bed, so that whatever happens you have a nice bed to sleep it of.

2 Aim higher then you target, prepare for the worst, take challenge whenever possible and always keep fighting back, Never settle, Naver Satisfy.

3 Make sure when you sleep today you are better then yesterday

4 Just like you take bath daily, give 5 min to yourself look at the mirror and talk to yourself make yourself remember why are you doing this why fight, why struggle what's your aim and what are you going to achieve don't wait for others motivate yourself

5 Always remember to take blessings of your elders daily

6 Realise that all you can do is put your best effort and never be disheartened if the results are not what you expected be satisfied that you did whatever you could

7 Depression is not a disease it's a boxing Match it hits Hard you hit harder make sure when the bell rang for the 12th round You have more punches in the count

8 most important Why settle for three when you can have four and more....

©Dr Sanchit Bhandari
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