Thursday, 15 October 2015

My wierd experience ch 1

Once again the day passed as usual
Prabhu didn't get the chance to say what he wanted to say for a year now but he was determined not to get his halcyon years end in vain no matter what he was determined to propose today but Tanuja was going on and on all about her dreams and ambition how the life would b what she would do somehow today their joint study plan became a discussion about her future plans and ambitions that was the queue he was waiting for so long finally he gathered his wits, looped his arm through hers
"Ready for winters to start ?"
"You bet I m completely ready and well prepared for this nov and dec"
That was weird what the hell is she talking about but still it was time to press on
“Can you believe we’ve graduated?” 
" no, I can't it's just a dream come true. It took us what 6 years to pass the med school finally we are doctors "
She was excited that is a good sign
“Yes, and We’re officially be adults, ready to make our way in the world. Soon, we’ll be the ones throwing parties.”
"The hell of a party once we clear the pg party will b so big u can't even imagine"
WTF does she even think about anything other than pg
Time to take out the big guns,
Holding her hand he looked straight in her eyes and said as seductively as he can
“you know soon Our friends will be getting married and having babies...”
"Yah ! I know about Mona's marriage but we have to prepare for the exams"
He already knew her I Q was zero but this time he was sure it was a negative value
Hopeless as it was he continued never the less
"Their children's will grow into beautiful angles and demons it will b so loving to b parents"
"I know and u know the bad part is we might not b able to meet them we
Will b doing our Pg "
WHAT THE HELL for once plz under stand me it took all his will power to calm down and say as smoothly as he can
"You know one day their children will fell in love and our friends will b grand parents"
" listen Prabhu I know what u r trying to say"
Astonishment hit him like a running train it took him a min to register what she said "you do"
"Yah ! Even I was thinking the same thing..."
Finally she under stand
Tanuja continued "don't worry even though we might miss Mona's marriage no way I m going to miss her childrens marriage we are going to get super speciality just after pg "
This was too much the volcano he had kept hidden inside finally exploded anger ran through his veins fumes literally coming out of his ears offcourse Tanuja registered non if these she was fixated in her book
Booming his voice sky high he exploded each word coming out like sparks in a fire "ARE...WE...EVEN...ON...THE...SAME...PAGE...HERE "
Finally she took her eyes out of her book looked at Prabhu and blinked he was ragging like fire but she couldn't understand why
"Of course we are page 1745 haryson 19th edition! Aren't we???"
With confusion written all over her face she looked at Prabhu's book and smiled as she realized what was going on
"See, I knew something was wrong you are still on page 1740 but don't wry I will go back" she flipped some pages and looked at him with the same puppy dog mesmerising eyes she always does
First he was struck dumb by her look,exhaled and finally laughed at top of his lungs as he realized why he loved her so much she was so innocent and dumb at the same time 
No way he can make her understand by going around the bushes
He has to confront it face on
"Listen,what I meant to say was why can't we get married and have children and have a life..."
Now it was her turn to get shocked, she closed her book and looked at him straight in the eyes with a look as blank as death itself
This made him uncomfortable but he continued never the less
"I know u have big dreams and all but its not like anything will change after pg and all it will b the same..."
"I knew u were going to say that but plz listen we can prepare after marriage don't just say no....
Wait a minute what did u say"
"I said yes"
"U r not joking right? U know what marriage is"
"Hey I know u think I m an idiot but I am not that dumb u know I know what marriage is my cousin got married last month and she told me everything about it"
"Great now the easy part is over it's time for the difficult one"
"What's that???"