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Review : Nokia's Smartphone Problem: The End of an Icon? By Majeed Ahmad


What happened to one of the most celebrated corporate champions from tiny Finland? Is Nokia the next Kodak? How the Finnish mobile phone giant reached at this crossroads? The book chronicles Nokia's lost decade in which the venerable handset champion found itself in the clutches of a vicious cycle. Nokia's Smartphone Problem delves into one strategic blunder after another to provide a detailed account of this tale of management indecision. It provides a detailed account of how this comedy of errors took one of the world's most global companies to a near-death experience. Next, will there be a triumphant comeback after this existential crisis? This is the recurrent question that the book tries to answer after having a microscopic look at the seemingly shaken Nokia's product and strategy roadmaps. Nokia's Smartphone Problem is a must-read for managers tasked with formulating a mobile strategy for their businesses. It's a groundbreaking book that delves in the past, present, and future of Nokia and smartphone business at large to find all the pertinent answers regarding smartphone product development cycle. Nokia's Smartphone Problem is a book written to educate and inform managers in the IT, wireless, and consumer electronic industries. The book provides a detailed treatment of smartphone industry's basic building blocks like hardware, operating systems, apps and ecosystems. The Nokia story is engulfed in a plethora of misconceptions. A lot of information about the flailing handset maker is cluttered and a number of facts are not in place. Nokia's Smartphone Problem aspires to clear the air, develop a comprehensible picture, and thus set the record straight. Nokia is no more the master of the mobile game, but it is still an important company. The book digs deep into Nokia's heritage, strategy blunders, major stumbling blocks, and bailout efforts. That way, it attempts to recollect notes from this epic moment in Nokia's life and create an authentic document that not only recounts Nokia's breathtaking transformation, but also provides a discourse on the Finnish company's turnaround plan. Find out: Nokia's pioneering role in smartphone development How Nokia was torn between feature phone and smartphone worlds History and evolution of Symbian and MeeGo operating system platforms About Jolla and Sailfish mobile platform Major slips and flaws in Nokia's smartphone strategy A detailed account of Nokia's landmark deal with Microsoft Technology and business profiles of Nokia's Lumia handset Technology and business profiles of Microsoft's Windows Phone platform Nokia's turnaround plan for smartphone comeback Will Nokia ultimately go for Android? Stephen Elop's scorecard




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Nokia's Smartphone Problem is just what the title says it is. The book is incredibly informative and explains pretty much everything. giving a comprehensive overview of the rise and fall of one of the biggest telecommunication giant and in doing so, it does not just explain immediate problems, but goes back two decades to explain how the smallest of mistakes led to a huge catastrophy. in a very innovative way the author makes you feel as if you are reading a fiction and the protagonist is just going to make everything right in the end. It brings nokia to life and develops an intriguing character around it, making it do things, succumbing to the pressures of the world, only to regret later dearly. Majeed’s experience as technology and trade journalist can easily be gauged throughout the book
What appealed to me the most is the writing style. Majeed has adopted a unique cartwheel style of writing keeping you always in the middle of the story with no starting or ending, making you ever wonder what’s going on ?. Although I have previously encountered the same style in John Keay’s The Great Arc, but still I feel that Majeed has his own skills, he has made everything so simple as if it’s nothing those who can’t even spell technology (just like me) can also easily understand and appreciate the idea
Well to all those who are reading this review I just want to say “I dare you just read the first chapter and stop”
And as per my rating I would like to give

four and a half batch

About The Author

 Majeed Ahmad has been a technology and trade journalist for more than 15 years. He is the former Editor-in-Chief of EE Times Asia, a sister publication of EE Times. For EE Times Asia, a semiconductors design publication, he also wrote the “Net Effect” column, which covered convergence among various facets of the electronics world. Also, as Editor-in-Chief at Global Sources, a Hong Kong-based business-to-business publishing house, he spearheaded magazines relating to electronic components, consumer electronics, computers, security and telecommunications.

Majeed has a study background in electronics and telecommunications. Prior to joining the publishing industry in 1996, he has worked with blue-chip companies like AT&T, Alcatel and Motorola. 
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That's all men now go and grab the book you will not regret it.

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