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Book Review : Broken Skies by Theresa Kay

Thirty years ago, there was the Collapse. A massive war fought with biological weapons and followed by plague. Almost everyone died.
Ten years ago, the aliens showed up. They made one of our cities their own and that's where they stay, for the most part anyway.
One year ago, I killed two men and went a little crazy.
Today, the aliens took my brother and I will do whatever it takes to get him back even if it means partnering up with the enemy, an alien boy who makes me think things I shouldn't and makes me feel things I don’t understand.


Book Review

Sanchit Bhandari

I received an eARC for an honest review

First of all I would like to mention that the book should go for one or may be two rounds to the desk of editors. It’s full of typos and error, and it’s frustrating. But may be this is because I got an e-ARC (thanks to the author) and hopefully the final version will be free of such errors.

The book is definitely one of its own kind. it’s a first person POV written in present continuous and although I don’t know about others but for me it’s the first time that I’m reading a novel of this kind. Though it seemed weird at start “I keep running anyway. The world slows down around me and my feet drag. My brain barely registers the surge of—something— behind me before I’m knocked forward into the dirt and blackness overtakes my vision” But as the book goes on it seemed to be pretty awesome until you are actually sitting in “Council” facing a number of aliens, waiting for your sentence and your boyfriend selling you out.( Man I will kill him!!)

The characterization is also good, each one is well defined with his/her own personality and quacks. Putting the chinks and the strengths together the characters have been painted in grey, bringing out their good and bad from time to time (and in some case aliens too!).

I was disappointed by the character development or rather I should better mention it as character regression. The protagonist though is presented as a strong, confident, curious, independent, intelligent, revolutionary girl at start but continues to lose her charm as the book progresses and becomes a depressed, doubtful, frustrating, self obsessed and judgmental girl with no self discipline or self esteem.

The plot is quite simple and in itself has nothing that encourages the reader to read. An Alien comes to human settlement and is struck with a human girl who will change his point of view about humans but will fail to change her point of view about aliens. Also it seems that towards the end the author just stuck to keep the book going and messed the last few chapters to give a good ending and a great cliffhanger. But the truth is the ending and the cliffhanger sucks. The book is great thought out but needs improvement in the climax. It just loses everything it has in last 3 chapters.

About the narration, the book could have been 20 to 30 pages short, though the continuity and integrity is pretty good and interesting. but still there are some scenes which are uncalled for. there are some scenes which demanded more attention and focus. Considering all this, it’s the debut book of the author, I would say that the narration is good

Overall I would like to say that “Broken Skies” is a small but shiny gem with a lot of new stuff to be brought to the table. Along with the spices of old inter racial love story, the writing style works as Icing on cake still there are certain chinks in armor which I think have a beauty of their own.

About The Author

The only person she knows who had a subscription to Writer's Digest at eleven and was always excited to write research papers, Theresa has been putting words to paper since a young age. She writes predominantly in the sci-fi and urban fantasy genres. Residing in central Virginia, she juggles two kids, a husband and a full-time job in addition to her writing and in her free time she reads almost anything she can get her hands on.

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