Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Book Highlight : Etoile by Olivia Besse

Series: Mannequin #1
Release Date: July 25th 2013
Publisher: Wunderland Press
The Mannequin series is an exciting erotic romance journey that gives readers an intimate look into the not-so-glamorous sides of the fashion and modelling industries. This book contains explicit content and is not intended for younger readers!

From afar, Elodie Marais is just a typical 19-year old girl roughing it in Manhattan. She hates her job, her love life sucks and she's totally getting ripped off by her landlord. Like most of her starry-eyed peers, she'll do anything for the Triple P's—Prada, a Promotion and the elusive Perfect Boyfriend. But Elodie and her friends aren't your average new adults who are bored to tears by their uninspiring lives—they're fashion models.

So what's a girl to do when her life is turned upside down as two irresistible bachelors vie for her doe-eyed attention, just as she's starting to make waves in the modelling world? Will she go with charming and sensitive James, a handsome financier, or reckless and unpredictable Tyler, the stunning male model du jour?

Follow Elodie's adventures from Manhattan to Paris as she navigates the terrifying worlds that are the modeling industry and her love life, one effortlessly chic outfit at a time.

Praise for Etoile
"Sometimes, I forgot I was reading about a 19 year old. I loved a lot about the book. The author's writing style reminds me of Jackie Collins."
Lade Tawak(Goodreads)

"WOW, I just got so completely wrapped up in this story and hit next page again and again to find that it was the end and now I'm completely hanging here and desperately wanting the next book!"
Jenni Carlene(Amazon)

About The Author

Olivia Besse is a rookie to the literary scene, moonlighting as a writer to keep what's left of her sanity! Stay tuned for relatable New Adult novels penned by an actual new adult!

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