Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Radio mirchi

Ramu calls up The Radio Station

Ramu : Hello is this the Radio Station?

RJ      : Yes sir! You are our first caller! Congratulations! Your name?

Ramu : Yeah I'm Ramu. Is this the morning show with Karan? Am I audible to the whole city?

RJ      : Haan sir! The whole city can hear Yu!

Ramu : My sister is at home and she is listening to the radio. Can she hear my voice ?

RJ      : Yeah! Obvious! Sir tell me what msg Yu wanna convey?

Ramu : Hey Padma if Yu can hear my voice, plz go switch on the pump!
             I'm in the toilet in the room upstairs and there's no water here! I called your cell it's switched off! I had no other option

RJ      : Wtf?

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