Sunday, 5 July 2015

The magic of love

Love can be explained in many ways
But for me there's just one
Love doesn't know logic,it knows only magic
People might say that In absence of knowledge
Science becomes magic
Magic is something that cannot be explained at this point of time
But I say for now the movt will b magical
Then why ruin it
If u cannot explain something then that's magic
Why try to wake up when u can have a beautiful dream
Only those who Don't dream can deny magic
Because For those who dream there are just two things
1 sleep so that u can dream
2 Wake up to make them real
The second part is the trick
That's where magic comes in
For logic just says it can't be dreams are dreams and reality is reality
But magic gives hope
And hope gives the strength to move forward
Look at me
Do you know my biggest fear??
When the morning comes and the sun begins to rise, I will lose her because it's just a dream
The only hope for me is that tomorrow never comes

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