Friday, 21 August 2015

The Fat Boy

The weakend was planned for over a month but still the day was nothing but disappointment,it was supposed to b an adventure, a once in a lifetime opportunity ,to b out on a long drive with the love of his life, take a bath in the gr8 waterfall ,walk along the beach and of course,romance all along but it was ruined from the very start. With so many people in one vehicle their was no way he was going to have any personal space, he has to be civic and talk to everybody,Take care of their every need.But that was not the cause of his despair,it was the fat boy ,sitting next to him this guy was bugging him all day along. While everybody was enjoying from bottom of their heart this guy was just sitting their not uttered a single word throughout the  journey ."Observe and record" they used to say but this guy takes it too seriously,he was not a stalker certainly and if he was then was at a very different level because he was observing everyone and everything even inside the waterfalls he was just standing their looking blank and God knows what else.After some feeble, failed attempts to make this guy a member of the group Bibhu had finally given up,the day had almost passed they have reached almost the end of the journey and he was determined to have atleast some private moment.
With everyone entering the waters he got his chance,he took Anuja's hand and started walking along the beach ,he was well aware of the fat boy deep inside the waters yet not concerned about the waves but piercing towards them,sure he was helping a lot if people with his sheer size even the waves were reluctant to touch him,he did also helped Bibhu and Anuja to come out of a strong current but that doesn't give him the licence to look at them all the time ,also he was dame sure that guy can hear them but yet he was not going to let him ruin his day it was his day after all
"Bibhu look their"Anuja's words stoped his train of thoughts and for the first time in the day he took his eye of the fat boy looked in the direction she was pointing and sure enough half embedded in the sand dancing in the strong winds was a well intact thousand rupee note,the Americans might have said a thousand rupee bill,but no sir we are indians and we note everything,we note girls in small dress bathing in sea,we note bare chest boys challenging the waves and we sure note a filthy dame fat boy struggling to stand in the waves but still focused to observe whats going all around,and above anything we note a thousand rupee note lying unclaimed in the God forsaken part of the beach
"What shall we do?"asked Anuja with innocence written all over her face
He was so mesmerized by her beauty that it took him a couple of sec to understand she was talking about the note
"What do you mean? We will split it 50 50"he replied as a matter of fact
"What about the remaining 900??"
Her answer came as a relief to him as the fat boy drowned laughing

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