Sunday, 16 February 2014

Grand Opening Desert Rose Tours

It’s finally here!  Desert Rose Tours is out of it’s “breaking ground” stage, and is finally open!  We have a website, we have a bunch of fabulous tour hosts ready to party, and we’re chalk full of great ideas!

After a month of taking time to prep and work out tedious details, we’re back on track, and ready to rock!

To celebrate, we’re going to start off with a sale!  

Any event booked/scheduled from Feb 10th - March 31st will get 30% off!!  Whoot!!

In addition!  

We’re having a raffle giveaway, with 3 winners!!  Every event booked in Feb or March will be entered to win an additional 20% off!*  

That’s right!!

One author, one musician, and one artist will each have an event for half price!  Double-whoot! :D

We’d love if you could help spread the word- we want to start partying, man!  There’s so much out there to celebrate, so lets spread the word, and start planning some awesome parties!

*Only applicable for events scheduled for May or later.  Cover/Trailer reveals will not be entered.  Any Blast, Blitz or Tour will be eligible for entry, if it’s scheduled for May 1st or later.

For a list of services/events, or to contact us, please visit our website.

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