Saturday, 6 June 2015

Man will b man

You know how men are. They think that "No" means "Yes" and "Get lost" means "Take me, I'm yours".
That's exactly how they think
It doesn't matter what u tell them all they hear is what they want to hear
Shake hands and they think u wanna dance with them
Smile at them and they think u wanna fuck
When a women see a men she see a freind,boy,brother,husband,father
A men seeing a women will see sex,sexy girl,sexy sister,sexy mother,sexy daughter
For a girl marriage is a devotion,promise,compromise and vow
For a man marriage is sex,chance to sex,uncontrolled sex and did i mention sex
And that's exactly how we men see the world what we saw is nothing but a rush of testosterone so if any girl have any problem get the fuck off
'Coz we men will b men so go ahead and call us dog if u want but remember dogs are the most loyal servants of their master and we are also the loyalist servant of our master i.e. sex the driving force of universe

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