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Book review Dawn of Apocalypse By E.S.P

January 1, 2000.
May 21, 2011.
December 21, 2012

These are just a few of the days humans prophesied as bringing catastrophic events that would end the world. We predicted nuclear warfare. Drastic climate change. A call from God.

We were wrong.

Cue the gargoyle invasion—laboratory bred mutants designed to slaughter humans. When the government goes AWOL and gargoyles are swarming by the hundreds, it's up to the citizens of the United States to regroup and save themselves.

Meet Cliff Matthews, a teenage boy separated from his entire family with the exception of his younger sister, whom he is desperate to keep alive. Along the quest to save their lives, he encounters people who aren't all that they seem. Everyday's a battle, but if he can't trust his own species, where does that leave his family?

And we can't forget the man who may be willing to sacrifice Cliff's life, if it means world domination.

In terms of doomsday, no one could've seen this coming. The dawn of the apocalypse…

Review by Aihik Saha

Dawn of apocalypse-the authors first novel..as the name suggests is about the beginning of the end of the world in the wake of the horrendous gargoryles. Though this would be the most superficial way to comment about this beautiful book.

There are gargoryles, superior to human beings and they are out to devour mankind. And theIr is Cliff out to fight and save his little sister and everyone around.

To me this novel is about a teenage boy who lives to repent his mistakes and becomes a leader, a savior from a no one. The writer builds a very strongly characterized protagonist who is the epicenter of the book but still maintains an air of mystery around his past life till the end. This just makes You like the character more. The story of Cliff is bigger than that of the gargoryles. The writer just makes You drift away with Cliff.

Cliff’s little sister Angel adds a lot of beauty and innocence to the novel. It's Cliif’s attachment to his sister that makes one feel for him. Her simple unmindful questions and comments adds great depth to the story. Hunter is weakly characterized but she complements well to Cliff. The other characters are poorly etched. Had there been lesser number of characters to make it up with strong characterization of a few. Most importantly the villain and his hideous nature is poorly established in the novel.

The plot has been written in style. The jorney of reading is sometimes of a Straight road and sometimes with a lot of turns. The book retains its speed all through. Never losing reader's attention right till the end.

Though we all Know about gargoryles the book fails to heighten the dread of these creatures. They could have been described much better.

I would like to congratulate the author for the cliff hanger ending..she just leaves you craving for more,and leaves You wondering why the novel ended at all.

Lastly why I gave this book a 4 star. its only because of the imagery of Cliff with his dead grandfather on a boat, that the writer uses takes the novel to a different level altogether. It makes this book very special from the other ones which lack this emotional touch.

those who like gargoryles and end of the world novels this novel is a must read. But those looking for inspiration this book is as good and inspiring..happy reading

About The Author

Being the daughter of an accomplished author, E.S.P. grew up listening to stories and telling her own to classmates. After writing for several years and even publishing some short works, she finally decided to take the plunge to write (plus finish!)a full length novel. Thus, Dawn of the Apocalypse was born. When she's not writing, she's either reading books, blogging at whoistheserialreader.blogspot.com, or watching eighties movies.

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