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Review The Voyages of Sindbad

The Voyages of Sindbad (Penguin Epics, #20)The Voyages of Sindbad by Anonymous

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The voyages of sindbad, the story of the man who survived.
First of all I would like to say that I picked this book because it was small not that I always select small books but as I was in mood of some light reading.

Sindbad is really a typical hero different from others, the book is different thaN the other adventure stories where morality is the first thing to see no sindabad is all about making the toughest decision of life, about the survival instincts and the ability to adapt, about never giving up and making sure that you live no matter the cost.
It's very much like the Oddyssy, about not giving hope even in toughest of situations when life seems so cruel and death a freind, a time when life is living hell and death is a heaven, when everything else is irrelevant and only thing left is two breathing lungs and a painfull beating heart.But it does't matter for you know that after the night dawn will come, for your only hope is that you would survive what no one else did, you will succed where your predessors fail and you keep on going and going......
The characterisation is also very typical theirs a poor man who thinks that the only person happy is the rich, the one who have money have nothing to loose and nothing to worry, and then their is the rich who have all the wealth in the world, but where does this come from from, the farthest of lands, from the voyages that he always want to forget but never will.His wealth is nothing but a sin and if anything it do is to torture him to make him remmember what happened with him and what he did, his sins of the past are a haunting ghost and all his wealth do is make sure that the ghost lives to haunt him.
On each of his seven voyages Sindabad have ended shipwreked in a situation that no one else have ever survived and each time he did survived, for he was ready to do anything that ensures his survival, he was redy to kill, ready to left others, sacrifice his crewmates, anything is fair for the question was not morality but survival of fittest.Just like Oddyseus he would sacrifice his crewmates rather to face the terror of death
the book touches the depth of human instincts insted of all the talk about religion and morality deeply we are still a species trying to survive and if survival means killing that's a small price, the only thing impotant is to make sure you breath and you heart beats.No matter what happen to others the onlythig matters is I live
In the end the strongest weapon that a human posses is not compassion, passion, morality or strength but a planning mind, hope and a littel fate

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