Friday, 18 September 2015

God is dead

May  God rest in peace
He died of disgrace and guilt
His children were full of sins
Yet He forgives them in an easy spin
His son bleed for their soul
And yet laughed and celebrate this whole
Let him dye for our sins
Let him cry for all of us
Let his blood wet the land
And wash us pure like the light
And we will do what we always did
He will forgive us we believe in his son
And thats what He did...
We stabbed him hard and cut him deep
He smiled on us and says peace
He believed Him an immortal being
He bleed and died saying spread peace
And we killed saying believe him
He created the world in 6 days and rested 1
We killed him in 6 minutes and rested none
We kill him when say no to the needy
We kill him when say a lie
We kill him when say get lost
We kill him every second
And all He did is lie their restless and motionless

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